The aim of our pre-nursery and nursery classes is to provide a full-time caring, educational setting for children between 18 months to 4 years.

18 months to 2 yearsBD900Per term3 terms per year

TOTAL = 2700

2 to 3 yearsBD900Per term3 terms per year

TOTAL = 2700

3 to 4 yearsBD900Per term3 terms per year

TOTAL = 2700


I’m Ready helps prepare your child for school in a gentle way, focusing on engagement and positive interactions and experiences. Parent/carer is involved in the settling process and are welcomed into the classroom. Children experience a variety of activities, including: music, art, story time, play, sensory play, messy fun, and activities for the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Payment Methods

1. Bank Transfer:
2. BenefitPay
3. Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash payments made at the school campus.
4. Checks written out to Twinkle Twinkle Nursery WLL

For Bank Transfer or BenefitPay please include the Invoice number in the ‘description’ or ‘purpose’ field.

Refund Policy

Written withdrawal notifications by May 31st will grant parents a full refund.
Written withdrawal notification by June 30th, will grant parents a 50% refund.
Withdrawal notifications after June 30th are not refundable.

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